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Total Damage Taken = (1 - damage reduction * (1-penetration * 0.5)) * (1 - Elemental Adv. Bonus?) * (1 + Increase Damage Inflicted) Note that the 25% elemental advantage bonus is NOT affected by penetration and that Damage reduction does not cancel out Increased Inflicted Damage.

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Primary stats affect secondary stats. Increases dribble. Increases pass and steal. Increases defense and HP. Increases action speed. Secondary stats are what are usually used in calculations. Dribble: Determines basic attack power with the ball. Steal: Determines basic attack power without the ball. Pass: Determines the bonus attack power provided on a pass. Action Speed: The rate at which the ...

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Attack Damage: Buffs that include this phrase effect both Dribble and Steal. Position Bonus: This is the bonus cards get when they are used in their preferred positions. Because the bonus varies between characters, I recommend using the Player Book to determine the effect on individual players.

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Example, a critical damage of 50% will deal 1.5x more damage, a critical damage of 200% will deal 3x more damage. Recommended for all roles except Assist and Goalkeeper Decrease Damage: Decreases the damage that your player receives by a percentage. If your player has 100% Decrease Damage they should take 0 or close to 0 damage.

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