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The Rubber Strainer has high working efficiency, can improve the filtration separation range, intercept some substances other than solids, etc. For the rubber filter machine, I believe that all the people who study machinery are familiar with it, widely used in food, chemical and other industries. Xiaobian takes you to understand the tips of rubber filter maintenance.

Maintenance and precautions for the core components of the filter: The butterfly valve is the most important part of the filter, and the related costs are relatively high. Therefore, I would like to share some suggestions for you. Maintenance and precautions for the butterfly valve in the filter:

1. Before the butterfly valve is connected to the current, it must be checked after the contact is correct.
2. The use of the butterfly valve should be dustproof and waterproof.
3. The angle measured by the butterfly valve should not exceed the measurement range of the transmitter.

Precautions for the use of butterfly valves in filters:

1. The butterfly valve air source must be strictly dust-removed and dried.
2. Once the butterfly valve is found to be leaking, the cylinder end cap screw should be further tightened or the sealing ring and gasket should be replaced. Otherwise, the output torque will be affected, and the malfunction will occur if it is serious.
3. If the butterfly valve is found to be malfunctioning during operation, it should be carefully checked and repaired in time. Most of the problems are caused by the air source being unclean, so that the cylinder and the piston are stuck, and some cleaning work can be done.
4. It is best to repair the butterfly valve for more than six months. For cleaning work or replacing the sealing ring, this will extend the service life.
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