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Proportion: Any

Purpose: to improve wear resistance, elasticity and cold resistance

Product: Tread

Four, styrene butadiene rubber + high styrene

SBR+ high styrene

Ratio: 75 ~ 50 / 25 ~ 50

Purpose: to improve wear resistance, tear strength and tensile strength
Sole and sponge glue

Five, styrene butadiene rubber + high density polyethylene


Proportion: 100 / 5 ~ 20

Objective: To improve the process performance, reduce the scorch tendency and shrinkage of the rubber, and improve the wear resistance and ozone resistance of the vulcanizate.

Product: sole and sponge

Sixth, ethylene propylene rubber + butyl rubber


Ratio: 50/50

Purpose: Improve tear resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance; improve tread wear resistance

Products: tread, inner tube, etc.

Seven, ethylene propylene rubber + chlorobutyl rubber


Ratio: 50/50

Purpose: Improve ozone resistance

Product: sidewall

Eight, butadiene rubber + ethylene propylene rubber

Butadiene rubber + EPDM

Proportion: Any

Purpose: Improve heat resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance

Product: Tread

Nine, nitrile rubber + pvc


Proportion: Any

Objective: To maintain the oil and heat resistance of NBR; improve ozone resistance, wear resistance, flame resistance and dielectric properties

Products: oil resistant tape, shoes, hose, wire sleeve

X. Nitrile rubber NBR + phenolic resin

Proportion: Any

Objective: To improve the viscosity, hardness, wear resistance and strength of NBR

Product: Washer, lining

11. Nitrile rubber + natural rubber or styrene butadiene rubber


Proportion: NR or SBR ≤ 40%

Objective: To improve the cold resistance of NBR and reduce the cost, but the other properties of NBR are slightly reduced.

Product: oil resistant sole, leather bowl

Twelve, nitrile rubber + neoprene


Proportion: Any

Purpose: Improve weather resistance and ozone resistance

Product: Outdoor oil resistant products

Thirteen, nitrile rubber + ethylene propylene rubber


Purpose: Improve weather resistance and ozone resistance

Fourteen, neoprene + natural rubber


Ratio: 80/20

Purpose: To improve the process performance of CR

Product: conveyor belt or cover tape

15. Neoprene + nitrile rubber


Proportion: Any

Objective: To improve the sticking, pressing, calendering and oil resistance of CR

Sixteen, neoprene + butadiene rubber


Proportion: 90~60 / 10~40

Objective: To improve the cold resistance, wear resistance, elasticity, etc. of CR, and significantly improve the process performance of extrusion, calendering, sticking roller and scorch.

Product: Tape, shock absorbing rubber

[Typical rubber and plastic use]

1. Blend of PVC and rubber:

Compared with NBR, NBR/PVC has improved strength, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and ozone crack resistance, and the processing properties and foaming properties of the sponge are significantly improved;

Second, PE and rubber blends:

PE and NR and other rubber blends have good effects;

Third, high styrene and rubber blend:

The high styrene and rubber blending material has high strength, wear resistance, easy processing, and smooth surface of the semi-finished product.

Four, three ethylene propylene diene monomer / polypropylene (EPDM / PP)

Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance and good high temperature and impact resistance. Its oil and solvent resistance is comparable to that of general-purpose neoprene rubber. It can be processed by ordinary thermoplastic processing equipment. Low cost, continuous production and recycling.

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