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Common rubber machinery equipment introduction

It is a machine for preparing rubber or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixing machine, extruder, calender, curtain canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine.

Rubber mixing machine:

The rubber mixing machine is divided into two types: open type and closed type.

Open rubber mixing machine (opening machine):

The twin-roller open-type rubber mixer began production in 1826. Its structure is relatively simple and modern is still widely used.
Mainly used for rubber heat, tableting, gel breaking, plasticating and mixing. It consists of a roller, a roller bearing, a roll gap adjustment device, an emergency brake device, a frame, a base, a transmission, and a heating and cooling system. The working principle of the open type rubber mixing machine is that the raw rubber or rubber is pulled into the nip by friction between two rolls of opposite speeds, and is strongly sheared and pressed to increase the plasticity.

Closed rubber mixing machine: (Internal Mixer)

Invented elliptical rotor closed type rubber mixing machine in 1916
Mainly used for rubber mastication and mixing. It has one more mixing chamber than the open mixer (Figure 1). After the raw rubber and the compounding agent are loaded into the mixing chamber from the feeding hopper, the material door is closed, the upper top bolt of the pressing device is pressed, and the two rotors in the mixing chamber are rotated at different or the same speed. The loaded rubber is subjected to constant stirring, folding and strong kneading between the rotor and the rotor and the mixing chamber to produce an oxidative chain breakage and increase the plasticity. At the same time, the rubber compound is dispersed and uniformly mixed due to the shearing action, thereby achieving the purpose of rubber compounding. In the past 100 years, closed rubber mixers have developed rapidly in the rubber industry. Later, there were other types of closed rubber mixers. Modern closed-type rubber mixers have a rubber mixing cycle of 2.5 to 3 minutes and a mixing chamber with a maximum capacity of 650 liters.


Rubber machinery is used to extrude treads, inner tubes, hoses and various rubber strips, and is also used to cover cable and wire products. Common is the screw extruder. Its working principle is: the rubber is stirred, mixed, plasticized and compacted in the barrel by the rotation of the extrusion screw, and then moved to the head, and finally the shape of the product is extruded from the mouth. According to the needs of the product, multiple machines can be used for composite extrusion of various rubber compounds. Screw extruders are divided into hot feed and cold feed. Hot feed extruders are typically fed to a preheated strip through an open mixer. The rubber fed by the cold feed extruder is not subjected to hot refining, and the refining equipment can be omitted.


It is mainly used for the glue or rubbing of the curtain canvas, the pressing of the rubber compound, the lamination and the embossing. The main working part of the calender is the roll, and the number of rolls is usually three or more. When the rubber with a certain temperature and plasticity is fed into the roll gap of the opposite direction, it is strongly squeezed and stretched under the action of friction to form the desired product. The first calender was made in 1857 and used for production and has since been continuously improved. Especially since the 1950s, the development of the plastics industry has strongly promoted the improvement of high-precision, high-speed calenders. In order to obtain a rolled product having a uniform thickness, the new calender is generally provided with a roller deflection compensating device. The thickness of the semi-finished product is measured by special equipment, and some calenders are equipped with an automatic thickness control system controlled by an electronic computer.

Rubber cutting machine

The rubber slitting machine is a commonly used mechanical device. Its main function is to help the users to finish cutting the rubber quickly, and the cutting efficiency is more than ten times that of the artificial one. Such a high-efficiency rubber slitting machine is specially made for rubber production enterprises. The production of the rubber slitting machine saves a lot of labor costs and greatly improves the cutting efficiency.

Rubber trimming machine

The rubber automatic trimming machine is mainly used for deburring the rubber molded products, and is one of the mechanical devices of the rubber moldings. For rubber products manufacturers to solve the trimming of rubber products, improve production efficiency, increase the amount of storage, prevent workers from misuse, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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